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Free Classified WordPress Themes

15+ Best Free Classified WordPress Themes in 2024

If you’re looking to build a classified ads website, such as Craigslist or ClassiAds, OLX, free of charge, which allows users to list items, properties, and services, to be sold, the most effective method to accomplish this is using WordPress.

It’s the most used CMS around the globe that allows you to start classifieds websites without technical expertise.

To create an online classifieds site, it is also necessary to have an expertly coded classifieds WordPress theme that has all the features you need.

We understand that it can be challenging to locate an easy solution, as there are numerous premium themes but just a handful of free ones that offer the necessary features. We have created this collection of top Classifieds for free WordPress themes. We hope that it can assist you in picking the right solution for your needs.

In this post, we’ll review sure of the well-known classifieds for free WordPress themes that are suitable for creating any classified advertisement website. Before diving in, please look at our step-by-step tutorial on making a classifieds website using WordPress at no cost.

The Most Popular Free Classified WordPress Themes Listed Below

1. ListingHive

As of the writing time at the time of writing, ListingHive is one of the most popular and well-loved free classifieds WordPress themes available in the repository.

It’s a multi-purpose theme that lets you create any classifieds or directory website you wish to build. If you’re looking to launch websites similar to Craigslist or OLX, as well as the member directory or a real estate site as well as a jobs site ListingHive is an outstanding alternative.

It’s a wildly flexible theme that lets users design their own categories, listing fields, and search filters. Nothing is hardcoded, and you can tailor ListingHive to fit your specific needs with no coding knowledge by setting everything up within your WordPress dashboard.

Additionally, this theme for classifieds integrates perfectly with the Gutenberg blocks editor, meaning that it’s easy to design stunning layouts using the drag-and-drop function.

Remember that ListingHive can be genuinely effective when paired with HivePress HivePress, an unpaid classifieds WordPress plugin. HivePress powers most of the features and lets the theme keep all of the information regardless of whether you choose to switch themes in the future.

The classified WordPress theme is compatible with multiple monetization models from the beginning. You can, for instance, make various listings plans (e.g., free standard, premium, or standard), so users must purchase one of these when they wish to publish the latest listing on your classifieds site. You can also allow people to post listings for an additional cost.

Be aware that ListingHive is also connected to WooCommerce, the most well-known E-commerce software, which means that all transactions on your website are sure to be secure and fast.

ListingHive Extensibility

As ListingHive runs on the HivePress plugin, you may be able to utilize any HivePress extension on your classifieds site to enhance its functionality. For instance, there are over 15 HivePress extensions as well as the following extensions you can use for no cost:

  • Paying Listings Users are charged for submitting, featuring, or renewing listings
  • geolocation – Add a feature to search listings based upon the location of the user;
  • Favorites – Let users keep a record of their top sites;
  • Claim Listings Users are charged for claim listings;
  • Reviews Review HTML0 – Allow users to review and rate the listings;
  • Messages– This allows people to write private messages as well as attachments.

Your mind can be at ease knowing that ListingHive is capable of working and fully compatible with HivePress and all of its add-ons.

Additionally, combining several add-ons makes it possible to create an online classified site with distinctive features.

ListingHive Support

Keep in mind that Support for ListingHive is provided by the developers, who are familiar with every aspect of their software, so every issue will be resolved most efficiently. Discover a glitch, require assistance setting up your account, or have a general query regarding ListingHive or its features. You can make an issue in the forum for community members, and the developers’ team will respond as quickly as possible.

ListingHive Pricing

The classifieds WordPress theme is free, and you can install it with a couple of mouse clicks on your WordPress dashboard.

There are also extensions for free and premium that you can use. The premium extension price ranges between $29 and $39 to get an unlimited license.

2. Best Classifieds

Best Classifieds is another no-cost classifieds WordPress theme we have included on our list. The theme comes with a simple style and includes various essential features needed to launch classified ad websites using WordPress. The theme for classifieds already comes with various pre-designed fields and the most well-known listing categories.

Download the demo content and use existing layouts without starting with a blank slate. Additionally, you can modify the demo content by using customization settings inside the WordPress administration panel.

It is important to note that the theme’s developers have mentioned none of the ways to monetize or integrate with payment systems. It’s, therefore, tricky to earn money from your classified ads site.

Best Classifieds Extensibility

Be aware that there aren’t any Best Classifieds add-ons you can install to add additional features to your website. Therefore, if you’re trying to expand the functionality of your site, this could be a challenge that requires a bit of programming expertise.

The theme’s developers provide a professional version of Best Classifieds that you can buy on their website. The Pro version has an eye-catching and modern style and more features than the standard version. Therefore, we suggest checking out the professional version, as it might fit your needs the most.

Best Classifieds Support

If you encounter difficulties creating your Best Classifieds theme, remember that the no-cost support is available only on The support section of the theme’s official website is only accessible to those with an upgraded membership. Therefore, if you’re using the no-cost version, you’ll need to register with the support forum at

Best Classifieds Pricing

It is possible to download the free version for this WordPress theme at If you aren’t satisfied with the capabilities, you could look into buying the premium version for $39 for each license.

3. TerraClassic

TerraClassic is a professional-looking Free classifieds WordPress theme that lets you design an online classifieds site without any issues.

It already comes with various useful features, including location-based search and filters for different search contact forms, front-end submit, and more.

The TerraClassifieds WordPress plugin powers it. At the time of writing, there’s an untested version available, which means it’s not reliable at the moment. But, using the current arrangements, it’s possible to build an excellent classified site with most of the essential features.

Additionally, TerraClassic supports popular page builders, such as Elementor, Visual Composer, and Beaver Builder, so you’ll be able to customize the appearance of your site with blocks for layout.

Remember that in the current version, there are only a few choices for monetization.

This means you won’t be allowed to charge users for adding new listings or setting up membership plans on your website. The only way you can earn profits using TerraClassic is to display ads.

TerraClassic Extensibility

At present, the developers don’t provide additional features for TerraClassic. However, you could combine this with the TerraClassifieds plugin and gain extra functionality.

TerraClassic Support

There’s no free support available for TerraClassic, meaning you’ll have to set it up on your own, as the support ticket service is only available to those with the premium subscription. However, you can access a manual section if you encounter any problems using TerraClassic.

TerraClassic Pricing

This theme isn’t included in WordPress’s official WordPress repository. However, the theme can be downloaded at no cost from the official site of the theme after registration.

4. Classified Ads

Then, let’s take another glance at the Classified ads. It’s a classifieds-free WordPress theme with a minimalist design and basic features. This theme’s demo version is entirely restricted since the essential elements such as front-end ad submission and featured ads, payments categories, images for category ads, and many more are only available in the professional version.

Additionally, this classifieds theme isn’t compatible with WooCommerce.

It doesn’t integrate with any payment processing system, which means it won’t be able to process and accept payments on your site without additional modifications to your code.

Be aware that most of the necessary features needed to create a classified site may require additional modifications when using the no-cost version.

Classified Ads Extensibility

The theme isn’t compatible with any additional add-ons. However, there is a premium version of the Classified Ads theme that you could consider using for your project.

Compared with the free version, the premium version comes with a more appealing layout, numerous features, and various ways to make money from your classifieds site.

Classified Ads Support

There is no support available on the official site to download the no-cost Classified Ads theme, so the only way to get in touch with the developers in the event of any problems is to use’s support forum. Support forum.

Classified Ads Pricing

The free Classified Ads theme can be located in the WordPress repository. It can be downloaded from the WordPress repository and installed directly on your dashboard. Premium versions of the Classified Ads theme go for $40 for a single license.

5. JobPress

This jobPress WordPress theme is developed by the team at FabThemes and will help you set up an online classifieds board for no cost. Users can go to your website to upload the job description and all this with the aid of a beautiful form.

Custom menus and post types are great to add some variation to your design.

The widgetized sidebar turns your design space into a drag-and-drop interface.

Two custom widgets can be integrated into the site, and an advertisement banner on the top of the page lets you earn more money from your site.

Upload your logo to the backend and test altering the colors to suit the branding requirements of your site. Each classified advertisement is displayed on the home page with details about the area, the time, and the kind of advertisement.

There are widgets on the sidebar showing recent comments or posts that have been recently posted or even the sponsors.

Users can test this search feature to find specific classified ads relevant to them. Administrators may also use it to locate specific areas of their site in just a few minutes. The job listings are accessible via the custom menu, and it is possible to add an extensive Job Submit button at the very top of your website.

Blog posts and jobs can be filterable from the search bar.

You’ll find that blog posts are professionally formatted to convince search engines that your site is worthy of getting higher rankings. Also, blogs on classified sites can be valuable for your visitors. You can incorporate a contact form on one of your pages to assist by keeping in contact with your customers and receiving inquiries from businesses that wish to put up particular ads.

Overall, the jobPress WordPress theme is among the most simple to choose a free option from, so you should give it a shot. It’s 

6. Larrys List

Its Larrys List theme makes your site look a bit like Craigslist and Angie’s List, with an extensive feed of your latest listings and a variety of widgets on the right-hand side that aid with the categorization process and filtering. There’s nothing to be expected regarding a complicated design, but this can be beneficial because most users visit these classified websites to find jobs or items.

They aren’t particularly concerned about how the site appears. This theme was built using a flexible framework that looks amazing regardless of your device.

It is possible to expect a great reaction from this design, given the number of people who are likely to purchase tablets and phones on the site—the main page functions as an overview of the most recent listings.

If a seller does not sell their item within the initial week of posting or two, it is possible to revisit their profile and attempt to make another post. Again, this is similar to Craigslist in this regard.

The feature of translation ready means that visitors from different nations can visit your website and know what the ads tell them. Social media and email links are also included in Larry’s List.

Larrys List theme allows you to remain in contact with those posting their listings on your website.

Posters have the opportunity to see their listing statistics in the privacy of their dashboard.

If someone comes across your website and wishes to add a listing, it will take only a few minutes to fill in all the necessary information.

Images are accepted, and users can write descriptions and how to get hold of the photos. If you’re seeking an alternative similar to the design of Craigslist and Craigslist, this is an excellent choice. There’s nothing to expect regarding the custom-designed design; however, the structure will aid you.

7. Jobeleon

This Jobeleon WordPress theme is yet another for job boards that are classified and offer a contemporary minimalist design that can be easily connected to those seeking a site with a user-friendly interface.

If you’re looking for a free theme, it’s a good option for those who don’t wish to be left in the style developments. The incredible full-width maps template allows users to determine where job opportunities are currently hiring that benefits job seekers and employers. It’s unlikely that you’ll need a job halfway across the globe, and therefore it’s ideal for sorting your searches according to the available choices. The color options are on the back end of your WordPress website, allowing the user to control what they see on the front end with colors that usually wouldn’t be found in an unpaid theme. This responsive theme is helpful for those who wish to find jobs on smartphones, and the job board section holds very well against the best available solutions.

Job seekers and posters are provided with a customized dashboard to manage resumes and organize job seekers.

Two buttons of large size are situated at the top of the page to post an open job and the other to find jobs. Users then can search for jobs or filter their search according to specific parameters. The job categories are split into part-time, full-time, freelance, and internship. There are a variety of widgets accessible for you to use. We particularly like the subscription form to keep users informed of the latest listings and the most recent job postings. It’s also great since job seekers can click an option to browse every company listed on your website. They can focus their attention on a specific company and choose to receive only job listings from the company.

In addition to a general application, the RSS feed, and a variety of other valuable modules, The Jobeleon WordPress theme is among the most recent classified options in this list.

8. Viper

The Viper WordPress theme is another theme from FabThemes and includes elegant product listings and the option of a customized homepage template.

Use the offer banners and sliders to showcase some of the most popular listings. You can alter the number of slides in the header to display the most amazing things consistently.

It is designed to highlight products that people have listed. However, there’s no reason not to use it for products or services.

The reviews are generally positive, and the homepage showcases a wide range of items with price pictures, descriptions, and much more. Users can search for products by department. 

Connect the Buy Now button to the processor you prefer and connect to other websites such as eBay and Craigslist. The overall layout for the Viper WordPress theme is straightforward and straight to the point.

Your visitors will not have trouble finding items, and the backend is excellent for managing professional layouts regardless of the number of users you’re hoping to include in your business.

9. Gears

Gears is another premium theme from FabThemes. It is designed to highlight auto listings; however, it also comes with many features and an appealing design. The homepage has a huge slider showing your most popular listings. You can place your contact details at the top so visitors can easily find your contact information.

Under the slider, users can use the filtering options to discover the exact car they’re looking for. You can sort by manufacturer, year of the vehicle or body type, condition, or price. The listings for each car show a picture of the particular vehicle and all relevant information displayed below. You can include a comprehensive description inside your post’s body and provide prospective buyers with additional information.

The Gears theme has a robust theme options panel that allows users to alter every theme element to achieve their preferred style and look.

Furthermore, you can also show advertisements from different advertising networks on your sidebars, which is an excellent opportunity to earn money from your website.

10. WP Job Manager

If you’re not too keen on changing your theme but require a quick and easy method to include job listings on your site, WP Job Manage can help.

It’s a simple plugin that can add job board functionality to your WordPress website. Since it is based on shortcodes, it works with any theme and is simple to set up.

Shortcodes make it easy to output individual jobs in various formats, such as lists or even a job application form. Login users can access the dashboard to browse the job listings and edit and remove their listing of jobs. Jobs can be classified by location, category, type, and many other factors. You also can sign up for an area via RSS, which allows your readers to be notified immediately of job openings.

In addition, you can allow employers to post job openings on your website from the front. Employers can enter job information, including the job description, as well as the location, as well as include information about their business.

Every listing is given an email address or a site that job applicants could use to apply for the post. To further enhance the functionality, use the different add-ons for WP Job Manager, such as Location Paid Listings for WC, Resume Management, and more.

11. Jobile

This Jobile template is a clean, flexible, and fast-loading template designed specifically for job posting websites. The homepage has large maps that show the locations of jobs. Right below, you’ll find the most recent job postings, complete with thumbnails, the date they were published, the skills required, and even a brief description of the description.

The theme is built with light code that is search engine friendly and follows WordPress best practices to ensure that your site is safe and user-friendly. Additionally, Jobile comes with a Jobile theme that includes an easy-to-use admin panel for managing your site’s options, settings for your social media icons, and a blog that will increase visitors to your site directory.

12. Classified Ads By SEO Themes

If you are looking for an all-purpose classifieds theme, you should consider using Classified Ads.

It permits you to build any classified website and has a mobile-friendly design. Visitors can view your ads regardless of the devices they’re using. Users can sign-up and post their listings.

You’ll see a beautiful slider that can display the listings you have, and further down the page, you can sort your classifieds into categories, making searching for a specific item more efficient. You also have the option to place a sticky advertisement on top of your listings to make it clear that you are promoting a particular ad.

Classified Ads is equipped with a themes options panel that you can modify various theme settings like the text of the advertisement button background image, header photo, color of the background, the color of your header, hover color background color for the footer, and sticky posts.

13. Article Directory

Meet Article Directory, a clean and professional WordPress theme for a directory of articles websites. It has built-in analytics, which allows you to look at the number of articles and authors registered, and a well-thought-out homepage design that lists the latest articles and author pages, with the author’s details and an index of their papers.

Additionally, the template comes with breadcrumbs, a linked article feature on single-page articles, a list of most famous authors in this sidebar, and pagination and translation files that will help to alter the language on your site easily.

14. Avenue

Avenue is a great theme for real estate websites. Avenue WordPress theme is an excellent option for real estate listing websites.

Although free, it comes with plenty of top-quality features that you’d only think of on high-end directory templates.

It has a stylish front page slider that showcases your top listings, banner ads that generate income, and an option to filter listings that lets users search listings by area, property type size, square feet, bedrooms, and the types of listings, along with the price.

Additionally, the template comes with a widgetized sidebar showing things like your most recent posts, comments, advertising banners, categories, and much more. It is also possible to include your phone number and email address in the header section so that users can contact you.

15. ClassifiedEngine

The ClassifiedEngine theme is an excellent option to begin your search since it features a sleek design that isn’t going out of fashion. This theme has been designed to help you make money from your website in the shortest time possible by using ads.

It is possible to offer various payment options to anyone interested in creating an ad of their own and determine the date you will expire the advertisement.

Advertisements can be easily placed anywhere because of the widgetized sidebar. Users can upload their images for their advertisements, and you can alter the user experience by using the custom fields extension for CE.

With the option to browse ads on the front-end and a stunning seller dashboard, you won’t miss out on the WordPress classifieds theme. The theme has lots of white space, which lets your customers concentrate on the advertisements.

This is an excellent combination with the theme’s responsiveness, which means your site will appear ideally on smaller screen sizes. The most significant benefit of the theme is its ability to allow customer feedback for all your ads. This adds an element of trust and increases engagement on your site.

ClassifiedEngine is a suite of social tools that permit users to share their advertisements on social media. In addition, users can contact the seller directly via a private messaging system.

Currency settings are easily adjusted from the back-end and integrate payment processors like PayPal or 2Checkout.

Final Words

This concludes our selection of the most popular free classified WordPress themes. We hope this article has been helpful to you and that you are now aware of the options available. Instead of creating your site entirely from scratch, you could pick one of these themes with the features required to make your classified site.

If you’re unsure about the best-classified theme, we suggest looking at ListingHive another time. It’s a highly adjustable classified advertisements WordPress theme with myriad options available from the beginning. Furthermore, it’s the most widely used classifieds theme, is trusted by more than 4000 website owners worldwide, and is a testimony to the fact that it’s so popular.

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